Why I Quit Level ONE Network

Why I Quit Level ONE Network

Why I Quit Level ONE Network and why it took me a long time to do it. And actually I did not want to quit Level ONE Network but I finally did pull the plug.  So – it did take me many months to make my decision – and then finally I did decide to move on.

Why I QuitAnd because you are here on my site – Level ONE Network Review – I feel that I have to at least explain to you – why I am no longer building a business with LEVEL ONE Network.

Okay – why I quit Level ONE Network?  Well – it actually started before I even joined Level ONE.

You see a week before I joined it – I actually had joined another company.  And I joined that company because I caught my mentor saying something to a group of us as he was explaining his secret to success.

The problem was – I think he forgot what company all of us were working with because he was explaining his secret – and was just about at the point when he was going to mention the name…….when he slammed on the brakes and stopped talking.

He just sort of paused there for a moment – and then he said – “well anyway…..when I joined that company my success online took off”!

Well I’ll tell you – that sparked my curiosity to no end – and I searched and searched on his website until I found the answer.  And when I found out what his secret was – I immediately joined that company under him as well.

Why I Quit Was Actually A Hard Decision For Me

So yes – I had joined this other company before I had even joined Level One Network – but I actually liked Level ONE quite a bit.  The blogging platform actually worked well – because of how Dan Miller designed it.  And I can’t say the same for some other options that are available to us out there.

And the compensation plan was pure genius……..if you were one of the top 1% to top 5%’ers.  If you were average – well then it was probably a curse.  Why?  Because the average person only sponsors maybe one or two people.  And with a pass up compensation plan – that sucks!

Now what I really loved about Level ONE Network – was Dan Miller’s training.  And when I say training – I am talking about the premium training that he did for those of us who bought that product.

I mean here is a millionaire who makes his living by getting onto page 1 of Google to promote affiliate products – and he totally spilled the beans to us – on how to do that every single month.

It was hands down the best training that I have ever sat in on.  And I will always be grateful to Dan Miller for sharing his secrets with us.

LOL – so why I quit starts to sound like I didn’t put much thought into it right?  I mean if I liked the platform and I liked Dan’s training – why did I pull the plug?

Well – when we build a team – and I am talking about a team of people that you will receive subscription payments every month from because of some affiliate program – well they need to survive and prosper.  If they don’t – well then you don’t make any long term income.

I mean if they come and go…..and they can’t make it……well then you really aren’t making a long term income.  It’s just the way it is.  And that was the major reason why I quit.  My team – couldn’t reproduce.  They couldn’t get leads and prospects very easily – so they wouldn’t last.

Now that’s actually common in most programs.  In fact – almost every program has the same problem.  So now when you consider that problem – and then you see which company I joined before Level ONE Network – you will start to see that the other company made more sense to me.

And when I started to see how much I was getting with that company vs Level ONE – well it was getting harder and harder for me to promote Level ONE.

Actually – take a look at this comparison – and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Level ONE Network vs The Other Company I Joined

Level ONE Network vs My Lead SYstem Pro On Why I Quit

Well……see what I mean?

I mean if we were looking for just one company to pour all of our energy into – well then My Lead System Pro – or MLSP as it’s usually known as – really has a lot going for it.

But – why I quit goes beyond a list of benefits.  It really comes down to this one point.  You see – if we are looking to earn an income from affiliate products – well then that means we need traffic.

However – if we are going to earn an income from an affiliate program where we get paid by building a team – well then we…..and our team……need leads.  And lot’s of them.

AND – even more importantly – we need to have these team members reproduce fairly easily and build their own team.  And we need them to survive.  That’s called retention and it’s critical to a long lasting income.

Well for me – my retention rate in Level ONE Network stunk.  I had a little over 50 people on my team and hardly any of them were ever able to reproduce and refer people into their own team.  And so – they quit.  LOL – 48 of them quit!

So my retention rate was zip!

Why I Quit – Even Though I Hardly Ever Quit

So yes I did end up throwing in the towel.  And I am not a quitter at hardly anything.  I know that in order to succeed – you can’t quit.  I mean – never ever quit!  But I left Level ONE because from a business view point.  I know that I could do so much better and with much less work and frustration – by focusing in on one really great company.

And a company that offers a ton of benefits – for just $1.02 more!

In addition – my MLSP Team has a much better success rate – and the retention rate is awesome.

So from a purely business point of view – I have left Level ONE Network.  And now you know why I quit.  And if you want to watch a short video to learn even more about My Lead System Pro – you can click here on Why I Quit & Went With MLSP Full Time!

Anyway – why I quit had to be explained to the readers of this site.  I am truly sorry if you have been doing your research and then stumbled on my site.  Like I said – I like Level ONE Network and especially Dan Miller’s training.  But for me and my business – I’m going to stick with MLSP and focus all of my energy and attention on what works for me…..and what works for my team.



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