Melaleuca New Members That Stream To You

Melaleuca New Members That Stream To You

Melaleuca New Members That Stream to you from the internet.  No cold calling or running ads. Instead Melaleuca customers and prospects search and find you.  And that’s how it works when you use the internet to build your business.  And – it doesn’t even matter if they are looking for you – they may be looking for something totally different.  But by using the internet – you can put your Melaleuca business right smack in front of them.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Uh – yeah it does!  In fact – building your business would be so much easier if you didn’t have to worry about warm markets, cold markets and recruiting constantly.  Especially friends and family right?

And that’s why I love online marketing!  You see I have tried so many things during my life.  And yes I have tried MLM and Network Marketing and I usually did fine.  Well that is until the company that I was promoting dwindled down to nothing.  Which of course meant that my income dwindled down with it.  But today I now combine the leverage that we look for when we look at a MLM or Network Marketing program – BUT – I use the internet.  And that changes everything!

Melaleuca Can Be Awesome When Your Customers Or New Distributors Come Looking For You

Melaleuca Traffic From The InternetYou see when you start using the internet to grow your Melaleuca business – your business can literally explode.  You can get viral traffic – coming from every where on the internet – straight to you.  And automated too!

BUT – how do you do that?  You see – you may agree with this totally – but – HOW exactly do you do this?

Well let me tell you what I found.  I found a pre-made Network Blogging System called Level ONE Network.  And it is built like nothing else that you have ever seen before.  It is revolutionary!  And this is exactly how you can make your Melaleuca business explode!

Let me explain how you can get huge amounts of customers AND prospects that come straight to you.  Now you already know that there are online marketers and bloggers that do stuff like this.  But maybe you don’t know how they do it.  Oh and you are not alone.  In fact – most bloggers don’t even know or understand what I am going to show you right now.  And this information is what you need for your Melaleuca business – and just think for a moment.  If you knew something that the other Melaleuca distributors didn’t know about – wouldn’t that give you an edge?  LOL – oh yeah it would!

So let me show you how you can explode your Melaleuca business by using this powerful and revolutionary network blogging system – and how it can capture traffic – and bring new customers and prospects straight to you!  And – to your Melaleuca business!

How a Network Blogging System Called Level ONE Network Can Help You With Your Melaleuca Business

Level ONE Network and MelaleucaNow you may already have a blog or a website – or you know someone who does have one.  So if they blogged every single day – they would produce about 365 pages or posts every year.  But on a Network Blogging System like Level ONE Network – you can have thousands of bloggers posting blog posts – every day!  Now that would mean that 365 pages or posts could be done every hour or so.  THAT is powerful!  That creates massive traffic rankings for the network – and massive traffic – that you could NEVER do on your own.  Ahh – you are starting to catch on how this can help your Melaleuca business now huh?

So a network blog can create a fantastic traffic rank – and attract traffic -that you could never get on your own.  But if we are trying to get traffic to your Melaleuca business – and new Melaleuca customers or prospects – the first thing we need is traffic.

Now another thing that is totally unique with Level ONE Network is it’s category index – that visitors have access to on the very front page of the blogging system.  So take a look below at the screen capture of the different categories and start to think – what if I had a blog post under each category that Melaleuca has products for.  See – you could have a blog post under each category – that Melaleuca has a product for.  How cool is that?

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Level ONE Network Explore Categories and MelaleucaLevel ONE Network Explore Categories and MelaleucaLevel ONE Network Explore Categories and Melaleuca

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LOL – isn’t this category list cool?  You could blog about a topic on the category list – and about the Melaleuca product and you will get new customers clicking on the link in your blog post – and then that takes them to your Melaleuca site.  All automatically!!

BUT – wait – that is only the beginning!  We are just getting started because I said that Level ONE Network was revolutionary right?  So check this out!

Melaleuca Business On Steroids And When I say Business – I Mean “Your” Melaleuca Business

So now you are starting to understand that by having a network of bloggers – we can as a network – create massive traffic and domain ranking.  But what if we brought it up a notch?  No actually – what if we brought it up to a whole new level?

Level ONE Video Network and MelaleucaHa, ha, ha – you didn’t think it could get better did you?  Yeah well what if you had a video network thrown in for free?  So think about that!  Could you get more customers for your Melaleuca business if you were on a network blog?  Uh yeah you could!  Now what if you had a video network blog – where you could post YouTube videos about your Melaleuca business?  And because it is also on a network blog – again – you get massive traffic and an awesome domain rank that you could never ever get with your own blog or website.  Did I mention EVER?

But I think that I may have forgotten one little detail about how this can help you explode your Melaleuca business.  You see when people search for something on the internet – they type something in on a search engine.  And the search engine brings them to a SERP or Search Engine Results Page.  Now typically there are only ten spots on each page.  So the challenge is to get on the first page.

And with a network blog which has an incredible traffic rank or domain rank – that is very doable.  BUT – what if you could get on that page twice?  Would that help your Melaleuca business?  Uh – yeah it would!  Well – Level ONE Video Network is a network – but on it’s own domain name.  So you can get on the SERP with Level ONE Network for your Melaleuca customers and also – on the SERP AGAIN – for the other network domain name for Level ONE Video Network!  Now you can get even more traffic – more customers – more prospects – for your Melaleuca business!!!

BUT Wait – There is Even More For Your Melaleuca Business

Now that almost seems like there can’t be more for your Melaleuca business.  I mean getting traffic coming straight to you – new Melaleuca customers and prospects from the internet.  Well it almost seems too good to be true.  But then again you already know that with the internet it is possible.  And if you have TWO ways of landing on the search engine result page – by having the Level ONE Network and the Level ONE Video Network – well that is so awesome.

But Level ONE Network also has two other premier products that also have their own network domains as well.  So that means – FOUR Different Network Domains – and four different ways to land on the same search engine result page.  NOW you are starting to see how this can make your Melaleuca business explode?

Level ONE Network Products for your Melaleuca BusinessYou see Level ONE Network also has SEO Gateway pages, which is optional – but you can make a totally separate page on a separate domain – and these pages are optimized for the search engine.  And like I said – they are a separate domain and on a network as well.  And then Level ONE Network also has a PDF Pro product that can be used to create reports or papers about Melaleuca and they can be read and searched by the search engines and can also land on the search engine results page.

So when you use the power of this revolutionary network blogging system to promote and build your Melaleuca business – your business can explode like you only dreamed about!  And by using the internet to drive new Melaleuca customers and prospects straight to you – you can actually have 4 chances of getting on the SERP.  Four different domains and all of them a network all by themselves.  And you can get traffic like you could never ever do on your own.  So just imagine how you could grow your Melaleuca business now.  WOW!

Now There Is One More Thing To Consider About Level ONE Network and Your Melaleuca Business

Level ONE Network and More Money for your Melaleuca BusinessYou see there is one more thing.  Level ONE Network also offers an affiliate marketing program built right into the blogging system.  That means you can also earn an income from referring others to the network blogging system.  So this means two things for you and your Melaleuca business.

First – It’s an affiliate marketing program and not an MLM.  So that means it’s not a conflict of interest for your primary business.  And in fact – it is a tool to promote your Melaleuca business.  And big time too!  But you can make a lot more money now!

Second – If your new visitors and potential prospects don’t want your Melaleuca products or opportunity at this time – it’s okay.  Because they may say no – but they may also say yes to the Level ONE Network blogging system.  So even though they may say no right now – you can still make money.  And then when they get used to it – and they see how they can get so much traffic from the internet – well they may really want to do Melaleuca later.

Now that is cool!  You can grow your Melaleuca business by getting a lot of traffic coming straight to you.  New Melaleuca customers and new prospects.  And then those who say no – well you can still make money from them anyway.  Now that is a really cool bonus.

Automate Your Level ONE Network Business While Getting New Customers For Melaleuca

Now the last thing that you need is more work.  You want to concentrate on and build your primary business with Melaleuca and you should.  But what if you could also build a second income with Level ONE Network?  What if you could automate it?

Level ONE Network Teamwork and MelaleucaWell – here at Level ONE Network Review – we also started the Harvest Time Team.  And one of the resources that we give the team members is a pre-built website.  So the new members can promote the team website themselves and drive traffic to it.  And the visitors get warmed up and pre-sold on Level ONE Network and buy the system.  And they also get excited because they know that when they join – they will also get this pre-built team site.

So this revolutionary new blogging system can launch your Melaleuca business to a whole new level.  And then again – while you are building your Melaleuca business – you can also have an automated income building with the Level ONE Network affiliate program.  Because your Level ONE Network affiliate team – will be promoting their affiliate program with a pre-built Harvest Time Team website!

Well I guess there is only two more things to do!

Check Out How You Can Get Going With Your Melaleuca Business and Lot’s of New Traffic And New Melaleuca Customers and Prospects Today

So for more information on Level ONE Network you can check out our main page on Level ONE Network Review by Clicking Here!

And you can also check out The Harvest Time Team website that you will get when you join our team by Clicking Here!

And of course if you need any more information on how to grow your Melaleuca business using the internet and this powerful blogging system from Level ONE Network – feel free to contact me using the information below.


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