Level ONE Network vs. Empower Network

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network, a factual and side by side review.  Level ONE Network Review compares Level ONE Network vs Empower Network for you.

Level ONE Network Review is not just a review of Level ONE Network.  It is also about the competition.  And of course we all have choices when we are looking at paid for websites or blogging systems.  But when considering Level ONE Network, you have to look at the competition and decide for your self, which has the greater value.  Now if you search the internet for a review or comparison of Level ONE Network vs Empower Network, you may just be reading some one sided views from Empower Network zealots calling Level ONE Network a copy cat.

Level ONE Network vs Empower NetworkWell that’s not a review or a comparison, that is a one sided opinion.  Now I am not just the author of Level ONE Network Review, I am also the owner of both blogging systems.  And I am not just an owner of the two systems – I am also a blogger and have been building websites and blogs for about 10 years.  And in addition to all of that – I am also an aviation professional.  And in aviation we measure everything.  We don’t just let feelings guide us.  No!  We measure and we tabulate the facts.  Why?  LOL – well your life is at stake that’s why.

So Level ONE Network vs Empower Network may not be a life or death situation – but if you are looking at it from a business perspective – well it may be the life or death of your business, that is at stake!

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network – What will we compare?

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network - Apples vs Oranges

Well we need to compare everything, but some people would say that we are trying to compare apples and oranges.  Perhaps there is some truth to that.  But I prefer comparing them side by side and come up with an end result that is based on value for the blogger.  And also value for the business owner.  So when I say business owner – I am also talking about the affiliate marketer who wants to profit from promoting one of these businesses.

So  – what will we look at in this comparison?

Well let’s make a list of what we will compare when we put Level ONE Network vs Empower Network on the scales.  And then after that – we will see which one has the most to offer you and your business.

  1. The Network Blogging System
  2. Traffic – after all – that’s what it’s all about for your business
  3. Curb appeal – again – if it’s your business, what will your customers see?
  4. The Products
  5. The company support system
  6. The company Leadership
  7. The Compensation Plan
  8. The bottom Line

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network – Network Blogging System’s

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network Network BlogThe major appeal for a network blogging system is pretty much two fold.  First and very important I might add is to consider a brand new person.  So for a brand new person who wants to be a blogger – the blogging system must be easy to work with.  And the second thing that comes into consideration with a network blogging system is traffic.  But I’ll talk about that in more detail in a few minutes.

As far as ease goes for the new person who wants to be a blogger, well both systems are easy to use.  The Level ONE Network blogging system was created from the ground up from the same computer programmer who built the system itself.  And because he has already created multi million dollar companies using online marketing, he already knows what a new person would want – and what they would need to be successful.

So the Level ONE Network actual blogging system itself was created to be easy to use.  And it was custom built for that purpose.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network Word PressThe Empower Network blogging system is a Word Press application with an affiliate function.  So a lot of people are used to Word Press because it is available for free.  And affiliate plug ins are easy to add in, heck I even have one for my team site which is also built off of a Word Press site as well.  So that part of the comparison isn’t strange or new.  Most of us are already familiar with Word Press.

So when looking at Level ONE Network vs Empower Network as far as the blogging system goes, well you are most likely already familiar as I said with the Word Press system as it is free and very popular.  I happen to love Word Press so I am already a fan.  And the blogging system in Level ONE Network is very easy to use.  It is made from scratch for the beginner – and it was also made for the masses.  In other words – anyone would find it easy to use.

I would say that comparing Level ONE Network vs Empower Network on the simplicity of the actual blogging systems goes – it would probably be a draw.  Both are easy to use.  The Level ONE Network system was designed to be easy for the new person.  So if it is their first exposure to a blogging system, they would not have any trouble at all.  The Empower Network blogging system, being the same platform as a free Word Press platform – well that already has a pretty good track record for new bloggers.  So let’s move on!

 Level ONE Network vs Empower Network – Looking at Traffic!

Now if you are comparing Level ONE Network vs Empower Network, you are probably thinking of buying one of them.  If you are thinking of buying it to promote your existing business – well then it is all about traffic.  If you are thinking about buying one of them because of the affiliate side of the business, well then it is all about traffic as well.  And actually – let’s face it – it’s always all about traffic.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network - No HypeSo stick with me here okay?  From here on out on this page – this is serious stuff!  So let’s look at the facts.

I mentioned that I am an aviation guy and I measure everything.  Well now you will see how twisted I am.  I bought the Empower Network blogging system just before Christmas in 2012.  And by Christmas – I already was questioning whether or not I did the right thing.  So I started thinking – how can I really evaluate the claims everyone makes about this system.  Well I decided to do a split test.  So I created a FREE blog site within a few days of the purchase of the Empower Network system.  Now because I was going to promote the blogging system as an affiliate, I made the split test free blog – about blogging.

And every time I would post a blog on one blog – I would try and post a blog post on the other.  But I would try and target the same keywords.  So this way, the split test would be roughly accurate.  FREE blog vs. the all powerful network blog.  And since then, I have actually created quite a few new blogs – one of which you are reading this page on right now.

So lets start with the total traffic that has accumulated on the Empower Network blogging system to date.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network Traffic

Click To Enlarge

So let’s look at the sources of the traffic.  MOST of the sources are from ME!  These are either my blogs or my promotion efforts – trying to drive prospects to my Empower Network blog.  So source number’s 1, 5, 6 &9 – we’ll give those to Empower Network.  And that total is 75.  And the traffic that my sites or my efforts sent to the site is 90!  So out of 166 visits – 90 were sent there by my sites.

Now I don’t know about you – but this is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling about a network blog that I have to pay $44.95 per month for.

But wait – there’s more!

So you may immediately think that I am an idiot and I don’t know how to blog and that’s why I don’t get traffic right?  Well let’s look at that free blog that I said I started.  Remember I said I wanted to do a split test.  So I started a free blog for that purpose.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network Traffic - Be a Blogger

Click to Enlarge

So when we are looking at traffic on the FREE blog – by the same author – we have a total of 2,046 visitors.  Now we have to subtract Craigslist because I ran an ad once.  So we take that number out and we get 1,798.  And if we subtract from that number, the total traffic from the Empower Network blog without the traffic that my sites sent to it – we get 1,723.

Now that is the comparison between Empower Network traffic of 75 vs the traffic I got from Be a Blogger Biz – which is the free blog I started in order to do the split test.  And it’s net traffic is 1,798 or 1,723 MORE visitors than the network blog – Empower Network.

Oh but wait!  This comparison is between Level ONE Network vs Empower Network – not Empower Network vs Be a Blogger Biz.  So let’s look at Level ONE Network.

Now this is not apples and oranges.  Level ONE Network is only about 3 weeks old as I write this.  It is actually now starting it’s fourth week now.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network - Traffic for Feb

Level One Traffic for Feb. – Click to Enlarge

 This is the traffic from February 25th – I joined around 11 PM EST, until February 28th.  So 57 visitors in 3 days.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network - Traffic for March

Level One Traffic for March – Click to Enlarge

Well I am tickled pink about the difference in the traffic but in reality – we can’t use this when we compare Level ONE Network vs Empower Network.  And I say that because one is two years old and the other barely 4 weeks old.  And for me on a personal level – when comparing traffic results for Level ONE Network vs Empower Network  – well it’s clear that one is taking off – and the other one never left the barn.

So it is clear that there is a huge difference.  But when you look at a brand new domain vs a two year old domain – well typically that would not be a fair comparison.  Well – except that the higher traffic is coming from the newer domain – and not the older domain.  So maybe not fair – but perhaps extremely relevant!

NOW this is really how we should be comparing Level ONE Network vs Empower Network.  We should take it to the search engines!  So you do this – and you tell me what the results are.  You should see the actual results for yourself!

Go to Google and type in “Level ONE Network Review”.  Now this site that you are on right now is Level ONE Network Review.  And I bought the domain name the day after I joined Level ONE Network – so this site is not even as old as the company is.  In addition – I was down for at least 4 days because I couldn’t get a new theme that I bought to work properly.  So in reality this site has only been active for about two weeks.

Now I have written blog post’s on this blogBe a Blogger BizLevel ONE Network blog and also on Empower Network.  So rather than us looking at traffic numbers – let’s look at the search engine result page.

When I look, I find the Level ONE Network Review site, and the Be a Blogger site which is a free blog.  And I find the post from my Level ONE Network blog – ALL ON THE FIRST PAGE of the search engine result pages.  But not my Empower Network blog.  In fact I can’t even find it!!!  I did find another site of mine which only has one page on it – and it is on the result pages.  BUT I can’t find the Empower Network blog posts.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network TrafficThis shows you a couple of things.  First of all – it’s not me or my writing style.  Because I consistently land on the pages that I am after.  So that has to tell you something about my personal ability.  But the second thing that it should reveal is that there is something wrong with an affiliate free Word Press blog that is set up as an affiliate site – when compared to a true network blog.  Or heck – even free stand a lone blogs.

Traffic is KING!  If you are building any sort of business – traffic is what it is all about.  And in less than 3 weeks – I have been climbing the search engine result pages with every single blog I write on – except for my Empower Network!

So the traffic is a huge point for me – pro or con – when making a decision.  And I think the trends or the actual numbers at this point – as seen in the screen captures tell a big story.  In reality – the search engine results are what I am after as an online marketer.  So for me – the choice is clear when it comes to traffic.  And on this point when I compare Level ONE Network vs Empower Network – Level ONE Network makes the grade very nicely.  But the track record in real life with Empower Network at this stage – well it is a total waste for me personally.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network and curb appeal for your business

When we compare Level ONE Network vs Empower Network, I believe curb appeal is important.  But I look at it from a business perspective.  You know – if I promote this blogging system – is it appealing or pleasing to look at?  Does it look professional?

So let’s compare Level ONE Network vs Empower Network:

 Level ONE Network vs Empower Network Curb appeal EN

 Well it’s not too bad now.  There was a picture of the one founder with no shirt on.  Well how can I promote a business like that?  SO I stuck my picture in there.  I also changed the back ground color because it was so bland when I got it.  The banner ad’s – well they serve a function for new people who don’t know what they are doing – but if you are promoting your business – well you may dislike them as much as I do.  So let’s continue with Level ONE Network vs Empower Network by looking at the Level ONE Network site next.

Level ONE Network vs Empower Network Curb Appeal

Well I personally prefer the Level One Network site better.  To me it is something that I am proud to share.  But I guess when it comes to Level ONE Network vs Empower Network and curb appeal – it may just be in the eye of the beholder.

But you can’t just think about – what you think.  You have to think about your prospects too.  Are they a brand new blogger and they want it to look cool?  And if they are a brand new blogger – you just told them that the system was pre-made and ready to go.  But on the Empower Network blog, they have to go in and work with template changes – widget changes – picture changes, etc.  So – where the heck is the pre-made and ready to go qualities?

Are they a business owner who wants to drive traffic to their brick and mortar business?  They have a reputation to uphold and if they are putting their name on this blog – it better well look good.  Oh and if that is the case – don’t let them scroll down to the bottom of the page or click on the products page.  I don’t think typical business owners like to refer to themselves as donkey parts or wussies!

So from a curb appeal comparison of Level ONE Network and Empower Network – Level ONE takes it to a higher level and best of class.  In my opinion of course!

 Level ONE Network vs Empower Network products

NOTE: I accidentally hit the publish button.  Ooops! 

So this page is under construction and I am writing it right now.  I am also making a couple of videos for the product section and also the compensation section.  Otherwise this will take me a week to finish – LOL!

But you will like the finished page – so don’t forget to come back at some point.   And I am really sorry about this.  I guess my brain wanted it published – because I hit publish instead of save draft.  What can you do – right?