Level ONE Network Review Mentor or Salesmen

Level ONE Network Review Mentor or Salesmen

Level ONE Network Review – Do you have a mentor or a Salesmen?  When you join Level ONE Network you need a mentor.  Level ONE Network Review can help you.

The saddest thing that I see over and over again is when someone joins a company or opportunity – and they were sold a bill of goods.  In fact I really hate to admit that I have seen it so many times.  And it hurts – but what can I do?  Usually when I find out what happened to some people – they already had gotten taken for a ride.

Well one thing that I could do, is to create Level ONE Network Review.  This way I could at least provide a public place for people to get some training.  Get some direction.

Level ONE Network Review - QuestionNow you may be asking why I say – mentor or salesmen.  Maybe that seems strange to you – you know like a strange comparison.

Well many years ago I had gotten in to Multi Level Marketing and that’s when I first associated a salesmen with recruiting or signing people up into a program.  LOL – yeah that was quite a few years ago.  But typically about 3% to 5% of the population are good at sales.  And they wave a check in front of your face and tell you “Look at how much money I made…..and if you join this company you can make this much money too”.

Now that sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Yeah it does – we all want that instant success!  But 95% to 97% of the people that join that guy – can’t do what he does!  So he succeeds – and you fail!!

Level ONE Network Review Shows You That You Need a Mentor

Now on the flip side of that, if you joined that same company and you had a mentor – the mentor would TEACH you how to succeed!  And teach you to be successful – just like him or her!!

Level ONE Network Review Teaches SuccessSo that’s what we at Level ONE Network Review think about everyday when we think about the vision of this blog.  But at the Harvest Time Team – which is our team in Level ONE Network – we TEACH!  We take our team mates with us, every step of the way.  We teach them how to succeed.  And without the hype!

You know what?  This is actually a crucial subject and you really need to know exactly what is at stake here.  Especially if you are thinking about joining Level ONE Network.  So let’s put a Level ONE Network Review video in here so you can see exactly why you need a mentor!

Level ONE Network Review – Why You Need a Mentor Video!


Level ONE Network Review – Harvest Time Team – And I Would Love To Be Your Mentor

Now as I stated on the video, people don’t join companies.  Well they do – but typically they want to be connected with someone in the company.  They want help and they want personal attention as they grow.  Well Level ONE Network Review is here if you just signed up with the company.  Or even if you signed up under a salesman – and now you are feeling all alone.

But remember, we understand that this happens and that’s one of the biggest reasons that I wanted to build Level ONE Network Review.  I want to share our knowledge and our experience with folks who are either looking at Level ONE Network.  Or they are already in and they need help.

Now the best thing  – of course in my humble opinion – is that if you are looking at Level ONE Network and thinking about joining the company – well take a look at The Harvest Time Team.

You can see my copy of the website page that I made for the team by Clicking Here!

And of course you can learn more about Level ONE Network and Level ONE Network Review by Clicking Here.

And – you can even learn more about me by Clicking Here.

So take your time and check us out.  And then come on over and join our team.  You can even contact me directly by using my contact information below.

So come Join Level ONE Network Review’s Harvest Time Team Today!

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