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Be a Blogger

Be a Blogger from Level ONE Network Review – teaches you how you can change your lifestyle.  Learn how to Be a Blogger and earn part time or full time income.  And it may just be easier than you think.  In fact I will show exactly how I do it from the family room of our house – or actually – where ever I happen to be at the time.  But first let me tell you a little bit about me – and why I became a blogger.

My name is Dave Webber and I worked for about 38 years in Private, Corporate and VIP Jet Aviation.  And I was also a self employed aviation consultant for about 10 years during that time too.  But then in May of 2011 I got sick unexpectedly.  I ended up in the hospital for a month and a half – and on life support and in a coma for 8 days.  And I also spent a lot of time staring at the walls of the hospital for 1 1/2 months – feeling like I was dieing – and that was the pits.  Actually it wasn’t even the dieing part.  It was knowing that financially I was just destroyed – and I had no idea how I would be able to make a living.

And looking into my wife’s eyes – that was so hard.  I just had this overwhelming feeling that I let her down.  I felt like I had failed her!

When I got out of the hospital,  I ended up recuperating for about 13 months and was disabled – and unable to work.  Just day after day – week after week – staring out the window trying to figure out how in the world I was going to make a living.

Oh – and then when I could physically go back to work – I couldn’t find a job to save my life.

Blogger!  That’s it – I could Be a Blogger!

BloggerIt’s just like a light went off in my head.  I just knew that I could do that.  I could be a blogger!  BUT how in the world do I get started.  Now I had built websites before and actually built a couple of blogs but that was for a special interest.  I actually never made money from any of it.  It was more of a hobby.  So how do I make money by being a blogger.  Yeah that is the big question – and probably a question you  are wondering about too.

I tell you what – check out this video called “Be a Blogger” and then I will continue after the video is over.

If you liked the video and now you are asking yourself if you could Be a Blogger too – check out how I did it!

Well I had met a guy and he was an online marketer so I started to look at what he was doing.  And in the beginning, it seemed like a slow process to get started – for me anyway.  But one day he told me to look at something that he was doing.  And it turned out that he wasn’t just an online marketer – he was a blogger too.  And he used a “network blog” to get a huge amount of traffic – by getting on the search engine result pages quickly.

So he started to teach me that in order to make money by being a blogger – I needed to find traffic.  Lot’s of traffic!  AND – I needed to learn how to be an affiliate marketer too.  Because by being an affiliate marketer – I could get paid commissions by talking about subjects that were related to products that someone else was selling.  I could also make money by teaming up with other bloggers and affiliate marketers too.  LOL – and now I started to realize how to make a full time income by being a blogger!

blogger successWell this turned out to be 4 months of intensive training.  He mentored me in how to be a blogger and also about online marketing.  And although I knew him for about two years – he and I never really talked about what it takes to be a success – or how to make money by being a blogger.  So this was awesome. (Oh did I mention that he is a young guy – but also a millionaire?  I must have forgotten that part – oops!)

So I learned from him how to make “Niche Blogs” and how to go after low competition places on the internet.  I learned how to capture and dominate the search engine result pages.  So instead of wasting my time fighting over search engine pages that everyone else was after – I just “take” the one’s that I want for myself.  That is a big difference!  Now being a blogger is becoming a lot of fun too!

And becoming a blogger is now a career instead of being a hobby.  Because what I learned to do – I can do over and over and over again.  And the income just keeps coming in from the work that I already did.

So I learned how to Be a Blogger – and then – Level ONE Network came out!

Then everything changed.  I was invited to a webinar where Dan Miller was going to unveil something new.  So on February 25th I sat in on the webinar.  He created a new blogging system and it is a network blogging system – and it is pre-made.  But because thousands of bloggers will be on this network – all blogging about what ever they are interested in – the search engines go nuts over this kind of system.  In fact – the search engine spider goes into the system many times during the day looking for new blog posts from the bloggers.

And that means when we write something – we can get on the search engine result pages really fast.  So much faster than ever before!  And if you are a blogger – and you want to make big money by being a blogger – well you want to get traffic fast.  You don’t want to wait for 6 months.  But a few hours – well now we are talking!  So now learning how to be a blogger – and actually making money at being a blogger – well now it can be on a fast track!

Blogger Income Grows FastSo we can make money even faster and easier than ever.  And Dan Miller has the Level ONE Network blogging system all set up for other ways to make money too – like Google Adsense ads and even Amazon’s affiliate program.  So it just got so easy to be a blogger.  You can get in and start right away – because it’s all pre-built!  Now the blogger doesn’t have to set up anything or design a blog site.  Just get in and start blogging.

And then – the Video Network – oh my gosh!  That thing is awesome.  Now we can take our YouTube videos and put them on the network.  And the Search Engine Optimization is built right in – and – we can add our affiliate marketing links right there on the page.  You see on YouTube the service is free – but if you try and ad an affiliate link to a comment – you will get spanked!  But Level ONE Video Network is all pre-built with the blogger and the affiliate marketer in mind.

So this is really cool for me being a blogger – but what about you?

Well when you become a blogger – especially a blogger that loves affiliate marketing – well we can join forces and make even more money by working as a team.  Now I know some bloggers – and some are brand new and then again some are real pro’s.  But we joined forces and created The Harvest Time Team.  And now we can give a brand new blogger a real jump start into their new career.

Blogger Team workYou see by having a team, we can teach new bloggers – and give them resources, tools, videos, support – and even a pre-built website.  That gets the new blogger going really fast.  In fact – they can start making money – even while they are still learning how to be a blogger.

But now you can also have a mentor too.  You can have a coach – and anytime you need a helping hand or have a question – you have someone to help you with that new blogging career of yours.  Oh – and you will meet new friends too – blogger friends!

Now if you ever thought of maybe taking a shot at being a blogger – this is something that you really should invest some time in – and take a look at a few things.  So let me give you a couple of links.

First – the blog that you are on right now – well it’s my blog.  And I have a whole page devoted to Level ONE Network.  It has a lot of information and it has some videos too.  And at the bottom of that page – it has a link to see my Level ONE Network blog – and a link that you could use to join my team as well if you want me to be your mentor.

So you can Click Here to see the  Level ONE Network page.

And if you want to see what the Harvest Time Team website page looks like – you know the website that you would also get if you joined our team – you can Click Here to see it for yourself!

And – if you have any questions about being a blogger or want to just talk to me and see how we could work together – email me or call me using the information below!  And Thanks for visiting us!!

Dave Webber

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Dave Webber

Dave Webber worked in Corporate, Private and VIP Aviation for 38 years. His career came to a screeching halt due to an unexpected illness and also destroyed him financially. He now creates Automated Income streams from Highly Targeted Online Marketing efforts through blogging and building websites. He also teaches, coaches and mentors aspiring bloggers and online marketers.