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Welcome to the Level One Network Review site!

Level ONE Network ReviewLevel ONE Network Review gives you valuable info to help you decide if Level ONE Network is for you. But you may also need a mentor too!

We understand that folks who get into Level ONE Network come from all walks of life.  And they are at all different levels of experience.

Level ONE Network Review will help you regardless of where you are at today!  If you just want to learn how to be a blogger – Level ONE Network Review can help you with that.

Perhaps you have a brick and mortar business, like a hair salon or a carpet cleaning business.  Level ONE Network Review will help you to learn how to maximize your profits of your business, by using Level ONE Network – to drive traffic to your business!

But if you want to earn an income with Level ONE Network – especially if you are new to online marketing and affiliate programs – well this is really where Level ONE Network Review can be awesome for you!  So what ever it is that you are looking for, I am sure that we will address it here at Level ONE Network Review.

Level ONE Network Review Welcome Video

 So what is so special about Level ONE Network?  And how can Level ONE Network Review help you?

Level ONE Network Review - Blogging System

Level ONE Network is a network of bloggers, on a pre-made blogging system.

And it is really cool how the founder built it.

He specially built the Level ONE Network blogging system for average people who want to be bloggers themselves.  And he also created it for people who either want a business of their own -or for people who already have a business.  But they need more customers or more traffic to their own websites.  So by being a member of Level ONE Network – you reap the rewards of the massive traffic that the site generates.

Well let’s do this.  I’ll outline what Level ONE Network Review will cover and the information that I will be sharing with you below.  This way, you know what we will be covering ahead of time.  AND – I’ll throw in some videos along the way.  That will make it easier to make sure that you get ALL of the information that you need!

Level ONE Network Review will share with you – information about the following:

  •  Pre-Built Blogging System – Easy to Use!  No Techno Babble!
  • Traffic – Traffic – Traffic!!!
  • Categories to Write About.  Pick One You Love – Or Pick One That You Just Feel Like That Day!
  • Pre-Built Business!  Do You Really Need a Job?  Or Do You Need Your Own Business?
  • Affiliate Program – The Best Way To Create an Income For Life!
  • Training – Training – Training!  From a Highly Successful Online Marketer Who Has Made Millions From The Internet!
  • Duplicate For Success!  Pre-Made Tools and Resources – Our Gift To You!
  • Join Our Team – Meet New Friends – Join The Family!

 Level ONE Network Review shows you the Pre-Built Blogging System!

Level ONE Network Review - Blogging SystemThe Pre-Built Blogging System that Level ONE Network has created for us is really easy to use.  Basically if you know how to enter a comment on Facebook – well then you can now be a blogger!  It really is that easy.  Now as you start to blog and see some of the training that we will talk about in a few minutes – you will get even better at blogging.  All of us start out a little clunky when we start to blog.  But we get better and better.  So relax if you are brand new at blogging!  This is easy to do!

Well here at Level ONE Network Review, we will also have pages dedicated to helping you become a better blogger.  We will share with you little tricks here and there.  But that shouldn’t hold you back.  Like I said – all of us went through the beginning phase of blogging.  And – we were a little clunky or rough around the edges.  But you will learn.

I like to tell people this.  Write the way that you talk.  So if you were having a conversation with someone – well write that way!  Just have a conversation and write it down.

So to blog you will log into the system and go to the blogging dashboard.  Just a click of the mouse.  Then you click on Create New Post.  On that page there are a few boxes where you enter the title and description of your blog post.  And a drop down box where you select the category that your post is about.

Then just type away.  You can click a button and add a link if you want to send your reader to another page, site or even the opportunity.  You can even click a button and add a YouTube Video right on your blog post.  Now if you want to continue later or the next day you can click on a button to save the post as a draft.  Or if you are done – you can click the publish button.  And that’s it!  You made your first blog post.  Just like Facebook – only you can get paid with Level ONE Network.

Level ONE Network Review - EducationNow we can get fancy – and we can get tricky too.  The founder of Level ONE Network has built multi million dollar companies – from marketing online.  And he loves to do all sorts of training.  We will talk about that in more depth in a minute but he will teach you how to get more and more traffic to your blog by writing to make both your readers happy – and the search engines happy too!  But don’t worry about that stuff.

I like to look at blogging as brick by brick.  What I mean by that is we learn a little – and then we do a little better.  Then we learn a little more – and we blog a little better.  So relax – just take it one step at a time!

Oh – and we here at Level ONE Network Review – well we know a thing or two also.  My mentor makes more than $100,000.00 per month.  And he has shown me some cool stuff.  And guess what?  I will share it with you!  Right here at Level ONE Network Review!

Level ONE Network Review will show you how Level ONE Network can get you Traffic – Traffic – Traffic!!!!

Now I have been building websites and blogs for about 8 or 9 years I guess.  And that has been off and on, but I did build some pretty good one’s.  I lost my best website when I got sick.  I lost my income, so I couldn’t afford to pay for the annual site hosting fee – and I lost it.  But during those years I met a lot of business owners who spent so much money on websites.  They looked beautiful.  BUT they stunk at getting traffic!  And so many businesses are like that.

And there are a lot of people who get into blogging and never make any serious money at it.  Now both of these groups – the businesses and the new bloggers have one thing in common.  THEY DON’T GET ENOUGH TRAFFIC!

Level ONE Network Review - Shows How To Get Traffic

You see – traffic is king.  Traffic gives you the ability to make a lot of money online.  Heck look at Google, Facebook and YouTube.  They get tons of traffic!!!

So here at Level ONE Network Review, we are going to share with you on some of our pages how to get more traffic to your blog or your websites.  But Level ONE Network was BUILT for traffic.  LOL…..the darn thing is built for speed too!

Dan Miller, the founder of Level ONE Network studied a lot of blog sites out there and even some blogging networks.  And he took what he learned from his studies and he built this blogging system to get the blogging members – traffic!

It has been designed from the ground up for getting traffic like you would never ever be able to get on your own.  I am serious – you could build blogs and websites and never ever get the kind of traffic that you can get by being part of a blogging network like this.

Think of it this way.  You are a honey bee.  LOL…..just for a couple of minutes.  Just play along for a minute!  Okay so you fly around all day collecting nectar and you build your own little bee hive.  So how much honey does your little dinky bee hive create?

Level ONE Network Review - Honey BeeAnd you are doing all the work yourself too!  Now picture being a bee in a bee hive with 50,000 other bee’s.  Now how much honey does the bee hive produce?  Can you picture the difference?  You see when more people contribute – in a network – the search engines love it!!!  The search engines know that if they want the latest news – and the best articles and blog posts – it just has to go to a network.  Because there are so many bloggers in one place!

Now Level ONE Network doesn’t have 50,000 bloggers yet – but I bet they fly right past that number.  Heck look at Facebook.  See – two friends sharing an email or a text message is not that big of a deal.  BUT millions of friends sharing comments and pictures and family news – wow – that is huge traffic!  And guess what?  They don’t make a dime!  But the founder – well he is a billionaire from your efforts and toil!

So here at Level ONE Network Review – we get it!  We know how to plug into traffic and a huge amount of traffic.  You see we joined Level ONE Network because we saw on the very first day that Level ONE Network opened for business – that Dan Miller fixed a problem with blogging networks.  And we knew immediately what the future holds with this company.  And we jumped in.  The search engines love this concept.  They love the structure of this network – and they know exactly where to go for the latest opinions and information.

NOW – you have the opportunity to get in on that traffic.  Whether you are a brand new blogger – or a business owner.  You can get that traffic – and you can re-direct it if you need traffic some where else.  OR you can just blog on the network and get traffic that you could never – EVER – get on your own.  And just like the bee hive – you don’t have to do all the work your self.  We ALL do a little work here and there – but it benefits ALL OF US.

Cool huh?

Hey Level ONE Network Review – what is so great about the Level ONE Network Categories?

Level ONE Network Review Blogger NewbieAt Level ONE Network Review, one of the most frequent questions from new or prospective bloggers is – what do I write about everyday?  Now when you are first starting out, you think that you will run out of topics to write about.  In reality, when you start to think about your blog during the day – you start to think of too many things to write about.  LOL…..at least I do :)

But one of the brilliant things that Dan Miller built into the Level ONE Network blogging systems is a category list.  So to give you an idea of what they are, why don’t we post them right here on Level ONE Network Review.

Level ONE Network Review - Category List from Level ONE NetworkLevel ONE Network Review - Category List 2 from Level ONE NetworkLevel ONE Network Review - Category List 3 from Level ONE Network

So if we look at the photos of the categories above, there are all sorts of things that you can probably think of to write about.  Now you can specialize in a category or – you can write about a different category every time you make a new blog post.  Just last night I was emailing back and forth with someone who was looking at Level ONE Network Review and Level ONE Network and they saw the currency trading category.  They got so excited – because they could write all the time about that topic!

And that’s what happens when a blogger all of a sudden finds a topic that they have passion about.  Suddenly – they know that they can be a blogger!  And the search engines love them too!  It is real easy for the search engine to scan the blog posts and get up to date information that is needed very quickly.

And that is one more reason why Level ONE Network is going to explode with traffic.  And a lot of bloggers joining in on the fun – will grow to numbers that will probably shock you!

Level ONE Network Review Loves a Pre-Built Business!

Level ONE Network has a built in business within the blogging system for people who want to be a blogger.  And of course, most people who blog – also want to make money.  Now again, we can try and make money on our own.  But when we go back to the honey bee – which is smarter?  Trying to make money on our own – or making money with the built in business?

Well Level ONE Network Review will teach you how to make money by being an affiliate marketer.  So if you are brand new to the concept – don’t worry.  Just hold on and follow a long.

Level ONE Network Review IncomeThe best thing about blogging is that you can make money from it.  But the sad state of affairs is that most bloggers don’t make much money.  Well that is one of the reasons why we created Level ONE Network Review.

We want to fix that.  We know from personal experience that the job market is the pit’s right now.  So we have to ask the question if we are out of work.  Do we need a job or do we need a business of our own?  At Level ONE Network Review, we believe we need a business of our own.  And the reason is that the world has changed.  So if we keep trying to make money the old fashioned way – well we will stay unemployed.  We can’t expect for things to go back to the old days because we are stubborn.  So let’s think about this for a few minutes and consider how we can make money from the internet.  Right from our own computer.

Level ONE Network Review wants to show you how to do that very thing!  So here is a video below and when you watch the video – think real hard about how you make money right now.  Think of your friends or family members who are having a tough time because of the employment situation that we find ourselves in right now.  So check out this video!

Level ONE Network Review Video: “Industrial Revolution is Over”

You see – the world has changed.  And if we think that we can keep making an income the way we used to, well we may be wrong.  And if we are unemployed or under employed – we have to make a choice.  We have to decide – get another job and hope and pray that it will get much better – so we can recoup our losses – and retire some day.  Or we have to make some changes!

Level ONE Network Review - Shows How To Get The Missing Piece To The PuzzleWell welcome to Level ONE Network Review!  You see – we get it!  And we will show you exactly how to make the changes that you need.  And Level ONE Network is the missing piece of the puzzle for you.

Okay so now we have to think to our selves, can I have my own business?  And should I really try and start a business?  Well before Level ONE Network Review – and my other blog sites – I was working as a aviation consultant.  And I will admit, being self employed was tough sometimes.  The hardest part was that if I didn’t work – I didn’t get paid.  Well one day the walls crashed in on me.  I got sick unexpectedly and was left disabled for over a year.  SO – no income!

Now when considering a business of your own – to supply you with an income – we have to see what is involved.  We also have to see what we are made of.

So as an aviation consultant, I was by myself.  Kind of like the honey bee example.  And I did get sick and quite frankly – I got destroyed financially.  And I do mean wiped out!  But now I am a blogger and I have 21 sites as I write this on Level ONE Network Review.  And my sites work day and night – 24 hours a day!

And my favorite way to earn money now is by working with affiliate programs.  Just like the one that Level ONE Network offers.  And it is a pre-built business in that all the accounting is done for me.  The new affiliates are taken care of for me.  And the income I earn through Level ONE Network can keep building and get bigger and bigger.  Every month – every year.  And the really cool part of it is that it is a team business!  So I get to help people just like you – and I make new friends on a daily basis.  It is so cool!

But people look at affiliate marketing and they get scared.  They think that it is an MLM or Multi Level Marketing thing – which it is not!  And I should know because I worked some MLM companies back in the day.  So let’s talk about affiliate marketing for a little bit.

 Level ONE Network Review will not only will show you the in’s and out’s of Level ONE Network – we will teach you how to Maximize your Affiliate Income!

When you visit Level ONE Network Review, one of the first things you may notice is the ad or banner on the right hand side of the blog site page.  On this site, seeing that Level ONE Network Review is dedicated to Level ONE Network, I don’t have plans to add any other ad’s on the side bar.  But on many sites you will see banner ad’s on their sites.  These are usually affiliate programs.  When a visitor clicks on them and buys something, the site owner would get paid a commission for the sale.

Level ONE Network Review - AdvertisingYou see newspapers usually get the majority of their income from paid advertising.  But as we saw in the video above – times they are a changing!  Now people advertise on the internet.  BUT they will share their advertising budget with site owners through affiliate marketing.  The biggest company that uses affiliate marketing – and in fact they were the one that made affiliate marketing so popular – is Amazon .com.  Amazon.com is an affiliate program and also pay’s marketers and website owners – an affiliate commission when people click on a link and then buy a product.  But that is also how Amazon gets paid on a lot of the products that they sell.  Someone else makes the product and sells it – but if you buy it from Amazon – Amazon gets an affiliate commission.

Now I mentioned Amazon because I know that you have heard of them.  But if you didn’t – how about Netflix, or Go-Daddy?  And a lot of companies that you can think of actually advertise today with affiliate programs.  But you probably just never knew about it before.  Kind of goes back to that video about how our parents or grandparents made a living – as compared to the 21st century.

Level ONE Network Review Teaches Affiliate Marketing

In fact even though I love Robert’s video on Rich Dad, Poor Dad – that video is dated too.  If he had affiliate marketing back when he made that video – he would have been talking about affiliate marketing and direct sales.

But affiliate marketing is not MLM.  Especially with Level ONE Network.  We get paid on our 1st level.  And we do have four different products at the moment.  And I am sure that there will be more in the future – but each product has it’s own compensation plan.  And we only get paid on the 1st level sale – of each product.  Now we don’t know where that 1st level sale will be.  But we only get paid on one level.

Level ONE Network Review wants you to really understand how the Level ONE Network compensation plan works.  It’s really important to you!  So we will devote a whole page specifically for that subject.  But for now, we want you to understand that as more and more people buy the blogging system through your blog site, you get paid an affiliate commission on the license of that product.  But because it is a monthly payment – you get paid every month!!!!

Level ONE Network Review  - Can Train you to make more money!

And every month your income can grow and get bigger and bigger.  Let’s say that you made 10 sales one month.  Well next month you will get paid again – because of the recurring commissions on the recurring payments.  Now if you get 10 sales in the 2nd month – well in that month you are getting commissions on 20 sales.  And this keeps going as more and more people buy the system from visiting your blog.

In addition, the affiliate compensation plan has a pass up component to it.  And that means that some of the sales from your 1st level affiliate’s pass up to you.  So you get additional sales – in addition to your own sales.  And this leverage keeps compounding your income – and making it grow and grow over time.  Now remember how Robert was talking about people who retire and they forget that the dollar depreciates or goes down in value?  Well Level ONE Network Review wants you to know – that with Level ONE Network – your income can grow when you retire!  So your retirement income could get bigger and bigger – while the folks around you experience a retirement income that seems to depreciate.

So we really need to understand that affiliate marketing is how the companies advertise now on the internet.  And with some companies – or I should say almost all of them – well they only pay you once.  But with Level ONE Network, you can build a very serious income over time – because they pay recurring affiliate commissions.  Every month – month after month!

At Level ONE Network Review – we believe in Training, Training, Training – and so does Level ONE Network!

Level ONE Network Review is not just about Level ONE Network.  It will be a learning place where you can keep coming back to and learn more about affiliate marketing, Online marketing and how to Be a Blogger.  And we have some other sites as well that we can direct you to – that can also teach you and help you on your journey.

Level ONE Network Review - Teaches You the Skills You NeedSo even though we at Level ONE Network Review are real big on training – so is Dan Miller!  I have worked with Dan Miller for about two years now.  And he is awesome with training!  And now with Level ONE Network – wow are you going to be surprised!  In fact, as soon as you join Level ONE Network – you will see video tutorials on everything that you can think of.

Level ONE Network Review reveals a glimpse of what is in store for you when you start your own Blogging Business with Level ONE Network!  Training, Training and more Training!

Level ONE Network Review Shows the Level ONE Network Training TutorialsLevel ONE Network Review Shows the Level ONE Network Training Tutorials2Level ONE Network Review Shows the Level ONE Network Training Tutorials3

That means if you are brand new at blogging – have no fear.  Dan trains you EVERY STEP of the way.  You just click on a training video – and then do that step.  Click on the next training video – and do that step.  Seriously it is so easy to set up your blog.  The training is awesome.

AND – If you are in my team – we will get online with you in your own private webinar – if you ever get stuck.  So remember – this is your business, but you are never alone!  With Level ONE Network Review and our team – We GOT YOUR BACK!

Level ONE Network Review - Education/WebinarsAND THEN on Thursday nights – Dan Miller holds a training webinar that is about one hour long.  EVERY Thursday night!  Ahhh – training is the missing piece of the puzzle to your success!  Oh and don’t worry if you miss one or you can’t make it.  He records each one and puts it up on the site so you can either watch it again – or watch it for the first time because you missed it.

Now I am pretty sure that you will find anything that you need on Level ONE Network Review for your training needs.  But Dan will certainly make sure that there is no stone unturned when it comes to your training needs.

And training that you need!  Not some garbage rah – rah training that some companies have.  You know – you can make $3,000.00 if you talk this other guy into spending $3,000.00.  NO – real training!  Like how to write a blog post and get found on the search engine result pages.  How to search for specific topics and write to capture those visitors – and get them to your blog.  How to use tools and also the Premium Products to increase YOUR INCOME.

Real training for a real business!  Your business!!!

And then there is Level ONE Network Review too!  If there are any gaps in what Dan Miller teaches you – and what we think that you will need to be successful – well Level ONE Network Review will step up to the plate and get you that training.  Right here!

Level ONE Network Review is all about showing you how to duplicate your success.  And if you are on our team – we GIVE YOU the tools and resources to do exactly that!

Level ONE Network Review Teaches DuplicationLevel ONE Network Review doesn’t just show you Level ONE Network and how to blog.  We also teach you how to automate your business.  AND we teach you how to duplicate your efforts and your soon to be realized success – with your own team.

Now when a brand new person see’s the affiliate compensation plan from Level ONE Network, they typically feel resentment or bummed out about “Passing Up” some of their sales.  BUT that is something that you will soon come to love!  You see it ad’s leverage to what otherwise would just be direct sales.   Well actually just another affiliate program.

Now don’t freak out!  It’s NOT MLM!

It is an affiliate program, but leverage was added to it for a couple of reasons.

The 1st reason is that if you are reaping the rewards from your team members success – by getting some of the pass ups from them – you will be inclined to work with them and train them.   And seeing that out of every 100 sales that one of your power line affiliate’s make – you will get 20 of them from pass ups – well then you would want your team to do well and be successful.  And that is the 2nd reason!  You can build an income that grows and grows an grows!

Ha,ha,ha…..all of a sudden I got your attention!

So what you want to do, is be the best that you can be as a blogger and an online marketer – and pass that information on to your team.  You see, because this NOT MLM – you can’t see or contact the people below your first level.  So you want to work with your power line affiliates – and give them tools, resources and information – so they in turn can give that to their team mates.  And by doing that, well they become successful – which makes you successful.

Level ONE Network Review Helping our TeamNow for my team, I work really hard to serve them.  I actually work for my team – not the other way around.  So I created Level ONE Network Review and will add all sorts of information to the site.  And all of it will be able to assist our team in getting the best information to their team.  I also have my main site, which is also a teaching and educational site for online marketers and bloggers.  And we will be adding a “Members Only” area on that site real soon.  That will allow us to really pull back the curtains on marketing secrets!

So it is really important that we share everything that we know with you.  And then you can pass on that information to your team – so that they can also be successful.  But – we know that you may be brand new to blogging and affiliate marketing.  So we have the two websites that you can direct your team mates to, so they can also get great information too.  AND – Dan Miller will also teach you and your team how to do great at your new business venture!

Level ONE Network Review wants you to Join Our Team!

We at Level ONE Network Review know that you have choices.  We know that you can do your due diligence on Level ONE Network and join another team.  But we do want you to think about something before you do that!  You see a lot of people in an industry like this have huge checks to wave around.  And in many cases it means absolutely nothing except – that they are great at RECRUITING!

And recruiters don’t usually make the best teachers!

Level ONE Network Review - NO HYPE ZONELet me tell you a little story.  A story about how I came to hate a lot of MLM opportunity’s.  You see quite a while ago, I joined an MLM company and quite frankly I didn’t do much with it.  I saw people getting all sorts of hype!  I saw people buying thousands of dollars worth of product – so they could EARN a higher commission from their so called organization.  AND THEN they stood up in front of everyone with huge checks and bragged at how much they made.  Oh – and how much you could make too!

Well that company fizzled out but I found another company.  It had a famous name that you would recognize – when you think of drug stores.  Anyway, the people who sponsored me were great recruiters.  They even told me – “just bring them in and sign them up.  They’ll quit anyway, but at least you made your money”!

Level ONE Network Review AnnouncementThese guy’s made me sick.  And when I would stop in at the office, I would see all sorts of people walking around with no clue how to build the business.

SO I went in and made an announcement.  Actually it was a deal – but I made sure that they couldn’t refuse me!

I told them that I would teach their people how to be successful – if they gave me a desk in their office.  LOL….really good deal for them!  But for me – it was a way of helping these poor people who got into something that they had no idea how to succeed at.

So I did exactly that!  And the first night we had a training – we had about 10 people.  The next night we had about 20 or 30 people.  But the night after that – the office was packed and the people overflowed out onto the sidewalk – and out into the parking spots on the street!

Level ONE Network Review - Teaching MLMIt was a weird feeling to stand there and teach those folks – and watching them relaying the information to the folks out side.

But it didn’t stop there.  Within a couple of weeks I found myself in front of about 400 people at a hotel gathering.  And it was just a crazy feeling.  These recruiters get all sorts of praise for being the best of the best.  The top earners!  But these guy’s did nothing for these people as far as training was concerned.  Well at least nothing until I volunteered to do it for them.

Now I confess, I have been involved with a few MLM companies, but I ended up stopping because of a sad fact.  You see, the more I learned about compensation plans, the more I realized that most people will NEVER succeed at MLM.  Like about 95% to 97% will fail to make money doing MLM.  It’s very sad, because there are some really great people trying to improve their life style and provide for their families.  But they got involved with either the wrong company –  or the wrong people!

Well – thank goodness Level ONE Network is not an MLM! 

And we at Level ONE Network Review – continue to dedicate ourselves to teaching and helping people learn how to succeed!

Affiliate Marketing is probably THE BEST way of not only getting an additional income for your family now – it is the best vehicle for creating an income for tomorrow!  An income for LIFE!

And because Level ONE Network provides us with a pre-built blogging system, we can create an automated income from the internet!  BUT if you are new to either blogging or affiliate marketing – you need to be part of a team!!  You need to make sure that someone has your back.  That someone will mentor you and teach you – each step of the way!

Level ONE Network Review TeamworkWe at Level ONE Network Review would love to be that team – and be that mentor for you!  We would be honored to have you join our team!

Now I know you can choose someone else.  We get that!  But think about what you have seen on this website page.  I said that I work for my team – and not the other way around.

So if you like Level ONE Network Review so far – what if you could have a site similar to this for yourself?  What if – all the resources and tools that I use – what if you could have them too?

Level ONE Network Review Marketing ToolsWouldn’t that be cool?  Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to start off your new blogging business?

Well I just decided to build a Team Website – and I am giving it to my team!  So if you join our Team – you will have a team website, similar to Level ONE Network Review – and you can promote it and keep the sales for yourself.

But I will build it and it will belong to the team members!  My name will not be on it!

Cool huh?  When was the last time someone gave you a pre-built website?

Well I give my team my resources and give them what ever tools that I have and I am able to give them – for free.  And what ever tools I use that I can’t just give away – I turn them onto those tools also!  And I help them get going fast!  In fact, I want them to get paid as fast as possible – so that their business – their blogging system – is free!

You see when you join Level ONE Network, you need to get two sales in order to be qualified.  That means that you can get – and KEEP – pass ups!   So it is critical that you get qualified as soon as possible!  And we know this!  (You’ll see the compensation plan in a minute)

So in our team, we teach our team members to get your first 3 sales – and then help them get their first 3 sales as fast as we can.  And we work together as a team.  So if you are brand new and don’t even know where to start in helping someone – well that is where mentoring and team work come into play!

We help each other – and I work for my team!

Level ONE Network Review Shows you what you get with Level ONE Network!

Check out the freebies that you will get when you join Level ONE Network!

You Get Everything_ResizedLevel ONE Network Review - Reveals Freebies lwr

Now I want to point out something that is critical for you to understand.  There are times in life when you are at the right time and the right place.  Well here it is!  The pre-made blogging system cost’s $29.00 per month plus an admin.  But look above at the list and see what you get for that $29.00!

Level ONE Network Review - The Time is Now

The Time is Now – for Free Money!

BUT the most important item on that list – is the “Inclusion in Our National Ads”.  You see Level ONE Network is paying for that advertising campaign – and for the next year we will get all the affiliates from that campaign!!!  Now they will be distributed in a rotating basis so the people who are in early will get more of those affiliates, than those who get in later.

Now I have no idea how many free affiliates we will get – each – but I will say that if you were ever to invest in a business like this – the time is right now!  And when does that start?

March 15, 2013!  And for the next year – those of us who got in this company early – will reap the most from those company paid ads.  Affiliate Team Members of your own – FOR FREE!

Level ONE Network Review wants you to take a serious look at this pre-made blogging system and the Level ONE Network Company.  Think about what I just explained to you about this ad campaign.  Because the amount of value you are getting for what it will cost – is incredible.  And then on top of all that value – you are at the right place at the right time!

And finally – you will be part of a team that will help you every step of the way.  So please, consider joining our team.  I would be honored to be able to work with you!

 Level ONE Network Review Video: Special Announcement!


SO – what do you think of Level ONE Network Review – and more importantly – what do you think of Level ONE Network?

Level ONE Network Review Presents Level ONE NetworkOH – you haven’t even seen Level ONE Network yet?  Well let’s get you over to our site so you can see what is waiting for you over there!  So what I am going to do is give you a few links below.  One will be to see Level ONE Network.  Another one will be to learn more about me, Dave Webber – the author of Level ONE Network Review.

And THEN – I will give you one more link – so that when you are ready to take that exciting step in creating your own online income by being a blogger – I’ll give you the link to JOIN OUR TEAM!  And like I said before – I would be honored if you were to join our team.

Critical Update!

This page is a couple of years old.  And unfortunately – Level ONE Network has either changed drastically – or is no longer in business.  We noticed that an awful lot of people were abandoning ship so to speak.  And we also noticed that the Alexa score – which rates the authority of the site – was rising and rising and rising.  Which is not a good thing.

Then we heard that Level One Network was sold.  When I contacted support they told me that it was not sold.  But – never the less – a lot of people left the company.

Now I had a great team with Level One Network but I noticed that they couldn’t do what I had done – as it pertained to building a team of their own.  So I sort of took a break and tried to find a way that I could help them.  And I did find the answer.

I found a way to help my team get leads – and lot’s of leads.  I found a way to create a website for my team – and I found a way to do it in such a fashion where they could promote it – and no one would know that I had actually built the site.  I also found a way – for my team to be able to get sign ups for free – and automatically.

Unfortunately – it was too late.  Level One Network was going down so fast – and my team had reached the point of no return.

So – what should I do?  Well the company that gave me the ability to do all of these things for my team – is a much more mature and stable company.  And from an online marketing perspective – they had so much more to offer as compared to Level One Network.  But – they did not have a network blog.  And that is why my team joined us in the first place.

Well – I am writing this update on November 3rd, 2015 – and on November 4th – this company that I am with will be releasing their own Network blog.  BUT – it is different in many respects.

And – my team site that I had wanted to create for my personal team – well I have that up and I also opened it up to the public.

Take Action On Level One Network ReviewSo – check out this new site where you will be able to get tons of training and mentoring – regardless of what ever company that you are with.  And – it’s free!  Check it out right here by clicking on A Full Time Life.

Now – I know that it is a real bummer to find and read this page – only to find out that the company has fizzled out.  Well – unfortunately we find that in the work from home business a lot.  So how do we find a company that is stable for the long haul – and one that has every single thing that we need to become successful?

Well check this out – because this is the best company that I have ever found – and I am in it for life.  And if you like what you see – click on that button and “take the trial” – and come Work With Me!

Or call me or email me – so I can tell you why this is what you have been looking for – for years.  And how would I know what you have been looking for?  Because this is what I have been looking for – for years as well!  Go on – click on the link and check it out!


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